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Rigiflex®-N fra KTR Systems Norge AS

den 31 december 2025

Product characteristics
Steel lamina coupling
Series for pump drives
Coupling in accordance with API 610, API 671 optionally
Backlash-free - torsionally stiff - maintenance-free
Torque up to 560,000 Nm
For shaft diameter up to 400 mm

Coupling description
RIGIFLEX®-N couplings are used on such applications which require a reliable and maintenance-free torque transmission with shaft displacement at the same time.
RIGIFLEX®-N was developed for pump drives in particular. This coupling system corresponds to the regulations of API 610 and may be supplied in accordance with API 671 optionally. (API = American Petroleum Institute)
Torques from 240 Nm to 280.000 Nm are available in 15 sizes for an optimum adjustment to the different applications.

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