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Preparing for data requirements set by regulations and the Digital Product Passport (DPP)

The textile industry is gearing up for change. Some companies are ahead of the curve, while others are just beginning to grasp the magnitude of the change. The main issue is the uncertainty surrounding what exactly needs to be prepared for. With EU legislation evolving and requirements emerging from various directions, brands are in a race to figure out the most efficient way to gather and report the necessary information.

At Delogue, we are paving the way for brands to confidently meet the demands of reporting on necessary data points. Effective data management is crucial, whether you're mapping a supply chain, calculating a T-shirt's environmental impact, or documenting a product's environmental attributes.

Join us for a workshop on data management where you will discover the essential data points to start collecting now, to be well-prepared for sustainability reporting and the DPP.

Sustainability and Profitability: friends or enemies?

Exploring how data-driven technology can unite them

In recent years, making the shift from a solely profit-focused strategy to a sustainable business model has posed numerous challenges for brands of all sizes. Companies have been forced to rethink their internal processes, source sustainable products, manage increased expenses and allocate additional resources to ensure compliance with new environmental standards/regulations. This transition, along with the need to plan for the future, raises a critical question: how can companies continue to remain profitable while prioritizing sustainable practices?

Join us to discover how fashion brands and retailers can successfully combine sustainability and profitability in one winning strategy. We will present Centric’s innovative approach to demonstrate how integrating your sustainability objectives in a centralized end-to-end platform, spanning product design to store replenishment, can significantly increase ROI and propel your sustainability journey. Learn how leveraging the right data across your product design, planning, manufacturing, distribution and customer experience is vital to remain competitive in an increasingly digitalized marketplace.

Join Daniel Di Benedetto, Geo Lead and Sales Director for Northern and North East Europe at Centric Software, and find out how Centric can help you overcome your challenges with our unique end-to-end platform to plan, design, develop, source, buy, make, price, allocate, sell and replenish.

What does a Digital Product Passport (DPP)-ready label look like? Presenting 4 DPP-ready brand cases

Join Sustainability Director Camilla Mjelde in an interactive workshop on applying Digital Product Passport (DPP) requirements through real-life case studies. With the evolving landscape of DPP regulations, pioneering brands such as Bergans of Norway, Elements, Holzweiler, and Fynch Hatton have ventured into DPP-ready labeling initatives, with support from Trimco Group.

This session aims to inspire you for DPP labeling essentials:

  • Short overview of the DPP Regulations: the legal framework of the upcoming DPP requirements at a glance.
  • Data Collection: what it takes to collect and manage required data efficiently.
  • Creating DPP-Ready Labels: real case studies showcasing diverse approaches to QR code implementation for DPP compliance.

Designed for textile and fashion professionals the workshop’s objective is to equip you with inspiration if you’re considering integrating DPP into your brand strategy already now.

Secure your spot to engage with, get insights, and explore interactive demonstrations that bring DPP concepts to life.