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Retail logistics and supply chain

den 12 maj 2023

Today's retailers face a dynamic environment characterized by digitally disruptive consumers and Retail supply chains that are challenged by issues such as speed-to-market and peak season management.

At GEODIS, we help our customers optimize their Retail supply chains by providing innovative solutions.

These solutions are supported by consolidation at origin, and include enhanced transport and customs clearance processes for on-time cross-border delivery.

We understand that control over existing inventories, maximum flow visibility (logistic control tower) and optimized costs are essential.

Therefore, we combine our expertise and experience to help our customers achieve these objectives, enabling them to make flexible decisions and change course when necessary as they adapt to alternate channels.

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GEODIS Denmark A/S

GEODIS Denmark A/S
Oliefabriksvej 29-43
2770 Kastrup

Jesper Jensen
Telefon: +45 26821891

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