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Soya Concept / Leveté Room

Levete Room

Levete Room is our studio and creative space.
This is where all collections have their origin.
Our name is pronounced Levity – lightness of mind.

The headquarter in Hellerup north of Copenhagen, is designed
as a home, in which Levete Rooms modern, timeless and elegant
universe and refined genuine products come together.

 The Levete woman is feminine and not afraid to play with
elegant and tailored elements from the mens wardrobe.
She effortlessly mixes soft, drapy and transparent tops with
a pair of tailored trousers. Rooted in the Nordic and inspired
by travelling to Paris, she is a proud and presentable woman
with character.

 Levete Rooms project is to make beautiful, modern and
yet timeless clothing, which empower women to create a
classic and chic look.



Soyaconcept is a fashion design company located in the southern part of Denmark. From here we branch throughout Scandinavia, Europe and the rest of the world.

In order to make fashion clothes that are in tune with the times and fulfill the consumer’s dreams you have to possess a profound understanding of the nature of fashion. We have that understanding at Soyaconcept, and it is furthermore our ambition and  vision to be the leading contender in the field of fashion for women  when it comes to Value for Money. Our product are quality clothes, but at a price that allows our customers the possibility of creating a fashionable wardrobe from their own ideas without spending a fortune in the process.
Innovation, identity, personality, quality and simplicity are big words to use, but nonetheless these are words that are an integral part of the unique designs from Soyaconcept and our dedicated staff.

Soyaconcept is compliant with the regulations and values in the Danish Fashion Industry's Ethical Charter. Please follow the link to read more: http://danishfashionethicalcharter.com






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Soya Concept / Leveté Room
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