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What can dye sublimation papers do for you?

The sublimation process is suitable for final applications using substrates that are composed of synthetic fibres, for example polyester or blend materials made of 60% or more polyester. Natural fibres (e.g. cotton) don’t allow the dye sublimation inks to be captured, the colours appear faded and can be washed out.

To ensure optimal results during sublimation transfer, it is important to choose the right sublimation paper. For example, sportswear requires a coated paper with higher ink load capacity as the colours are usually very intense. Moreover, due to the elastic textiles used in this kind of application, the colours must also be visible when the garment is stretched. This specific transfer process requires a coated paper with excellent adhesion properties, allowing optimal ink penetration into the fibres and, at the same time, avoiding any ghosting effects of the print. It is possible to obtain as many colours as the colour gamut range of the printing profile allows (depending on paper, ink, printer and transfer settings). 

Why are Sappi’s sublimation papers the right choice for your projects?

1.  The colour brilliance is so impressive

Dye sublimation printing is known for the high colour brilliance it can produce with a wide colour range, enabling the usage of spot colours; it is compatible with neon colours. Furthermore, with the sublimation process the colours do not fade after washing or high exposure to solar radiation and remain bright and vibrant for a long time. This is because during the sublimation process, the dyes are firmly anchored into the textile yarns.

2.  High reproduction rate and precision

With sublimation printing, not only can full cover designs and simple motifs be realised with the highest precision, but various complex designs as well. This means that even very delicate patterns and colour nuances can be reproduced. The reproducibility rate of these complex and filigree designs is particularly high with Sappi’s dye sublimation papers.

3. Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Dye sublimation printing saves resources due to its efficient deployment. Although there are two steps involved in the digital sublimation process – printing and sublimating – the colours are fixed directly during sublimation, without any water or steam consumption. The dyes are completely anchored in gas form within the yarn structure, which means that the fabric does not need to be washed after printing, avoiding any additional water consumption. As high transfer rates are possible with our high quality dye sublimation papers, only the necessary amount of ink is printed, with minimal ink residues in the paper. The sublimation process is sustainable, because the inks are water-based and totally solvent free. Furthermore, our sublimation papers can be recycled.

4.  Guarantees high flexibility and saves money

Digital printing is suitable for both small jobs and large-scale productions – so users benefit from high productivity with sublimation printing. And whether your project involves large or small print volumes, no additional hardware is required overall, meaning that personalised projects such as multiple replica of team jerseys or an individual birthday shirt are identically easy to handle. As there is also no need for expensive printing forms, such as used in any analog printing method, the equipment needed for digital sublimation is relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, since the same equipment can be used for a wide range of applications, such as fashion, home textiles, sportswear, signage and many more, production is always flexible, reliable and efficient. This is extremely beneficial, particularly in the case of small print runs.

5. Our sublimation paper is the perfect choice

Sappi’s range of coated Transjet and uncoated Basejet sublimation papers makes it possible to reliably convert a wide range of projects. Thanks to our extensive portfolio, practically any type of sublimation project can be carried out in high quality, and users benefit from high colour vibrancy, consistent results, optimal efficiency and reliable outcomes.

If you want to find out which paper suits your requirements best, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We are here to help you achieve the results you are aiming for!

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