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Sustainable Jeans with Eco Denim Accessories

Rudholm Group Sustainable Denim Garment accessories range is making jeans more eco-friendly.

As consumers become more concerned with how the products they buy affect the environment, brands are continually finding new ways to make jeans more sustainable. The Rudholm Group have launched their sustainable Eco Denim garment accessories range.

This means that …

- Eco Metal Finishes use 70% less energy (estimate), less chemicals and water than conventional electroplating.
- RH Labels and Tapes are 100% recycled polyester which uses recycled post-consumer chips like plastic bottles. This material is diverted from the landfill and utilized in the production of other commodities.
- Card Tags & Overiders are made using recycled waste paper, taking waste and turning it into functional products.
- Paperette Patches are FSC® Mix, which means the wood is from FSC® controlled forests, recycled material, or controlled wood.
Making these denim trim options from the Rudholm Group, a truly sustainable option.

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Rudholm & Haak AB
Box 1103
501 11 Borås
Borås stad
VAT nummer: SE5562543735


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