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3D printed and biodegradable mannequins

| Medlemsnyhet | Företag Instore Agency of Scandinavia AB

Instore Agency have developed mannequins made of PLA for the Finnish fashion brand Nanso.

The mannequins are 3D-printed and as durable as fiberglass mannequins, but with the great advantage that they are virtually climate-neutral!

Short facts about PLA (Polyactic Acid):

  • PLA is made from biomaterials such as starch from either corn or sugar beets
  • PLA can be reused as bioplastics
  • PLA can be composted in industrial plants
  • PLA can advantageously be incinerated for energy recovery as it doesn´t emit any toxins


Curious to know more about PLA? Read our white paper on BIO-mannequins produced in PLA.

Instore Agency offers a wide range of mannequins, both fashion, sport and tailor busts in different shapes, colors and sizes. Let us know your needs and we'll find the perfect solution for your brand! 

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